Teachers among those Protesting Police Violence last Night Teachers are protesting last night's police attack on the Occupy Oakland camp in the US The camp which is part of the global Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement was set up two weeks ago with the support of the Oakland teachers' union - the OEA. Joining the Occupy Oakland rally on October 10th, OEA President, Betty Olson-Jones said: "The OEA has long advocated for a fair tax structure that would require corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share to sustain the society from which they profit. Schools, programs for the elderly and disabled, health care for the poor and for children, and other vital public services have all been cut drastically in the past three years. This fight is about economic justice and protecting the poor and middle class. The Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrates that the American public understands how important people like teachers, firefighters and nurses are to society.” Last night the Occupy Wall Street camp was violently dismantled by the police using tear gas - and there have been 85 arrests for 'camping or assembling without a permit.' At least 1000 protestors then marched to City Hall to denounce the police action and have been met with CS gas, flash-bang grenades and projectile bean bags. Protestors say there have been injuries. Teachers were in the forefront of this demonstration (see photo above). The demonstrators are aiming to reclaim their camp in the Frank Ogawa Plaza. The standoff is continuing.