Teachers in Libya are on a three day strike to protest at the dire state of the country's economy and to demand a pay rise, according to reports. Teachers are the worst paid of all civil servants in Libya - not an unusual situation, particularly in the global South. However the situation in that country is exacerbated by the breakdown of the state and the economy, in the wake of the civil war and the western led air strikes on the country.

95% of schools have been closed in the capital, Tripoli and in Zawiya, teachers blocked an oil refinery. Many oil refineries have been blocked in different parts of the country by the oil workers themselves to demand that the wealth of the country, which is potentially great because of its oil resources be shared among the people. What has happened instead is that the NATO invasion of Libya has opened the way for multi-national corporations to get their hands on more of the country's oil resources. Libya has one of the largest reserves of oil in the world - twice those of the US.