Teachers and other public sector workers are on strike in Turkey today, in solidarity with the around the country and against the violent police repression, which has seen many injuries and hundreds of arrests. At least two people have been killed including 22 year old youth leader Abdullah Comert, who died of gunshot wounds.

The KESK public sector union, of which the teachers' union Egitim Sen is a member, said in a statement: "The state terror implemented against entirely peaceful protests is continuing in a way that threatens civilians' life safety." Despite the police repression the protests are continuing with thousands gathering in Taksim Square in Istanbul and demanding the resignation of neo-liberal prime minister Tayyip Erdogan. Demonstrations are also still continuing in the capital Ankara and in other cities around the country. Students have often been in the forefront of the protests, with high school students demonstrating in Taksim Square and students inside the university of Bahcehsihir teargassed as they were attacked by police inside the building.

Leaders of KESK say the strike will last for two days. They are also discussing action with other union confederations.