Nottingham Picket against the 5 Term Year Teachers in London and Nottingham, UK have been on strike this weekThe London teachers were on strike in the latest stage of a campaign to stop the government raiding their pensions. The government's plan is to make teachers work till 68 or beyond, pay more in contributions and receive less in benefits. The National Union of Teachers is engaged in a rolling campaign of strike action to oppose these measures.The pensions cuts are part of an ongoing attack on teachers' pay and conditions - which are compromised by privatisation and the accelerating breakup of the state education service. In another development teachers in Nottingham struck yesterday against the city's plans to introduce a 5 term year which would do away with the 6 week summer holiday. Teachers see this as yet another attack on education and teachers under conditions where stress levels in the profession are already huge with many teachers becoming ill as a result of the workload, the relentless accountability measures like punitive inspections and targets, privatisation and now huge cuts in the budget.