Teachers Protest in Windhoek this Week Teachers across Namibia are defying their union leadership and going on strike The Namibian government is threatening 'decisive action' against the teachers as negotiations drag on with the leadership of the Namibian teachers' union, Nantu. The unofficial strike started in the capial Windhoek, where the local Nantu leader has been suspended. Teachers in Windhoek are unable even to afford accommodation on their meagre salaries. Teachers from many other parts of Namibia have joined the strike and demonstrated at their local education offices. Nurses are also threatening to join the strike if there is no progress in their negotiations. The education minister refused to accept a petition from the striking teachers on the grounds that they did not represent Nantu. A different teaching union - the Teaching Union of Namibia (TUN) has threatened to join the strike if the negotiations do not make any progress. Namibia's education system has received the attention of the World Bank over the last period - attention which took the form of insisting on cutting expenditure, larger class sizes and privatisation. The World Bank also insisted on the introduction of accountability measures like 5 year licensing and performance related pay.They are also stifling the struggle of teachers and educationists in Namibia to develop the curriculum towards critical thinking and emancipated learner-centred education. As Namibian education scholar, John Nyambe  puts it:for the World Bank and its client governments: 'profit instead of public welfare takes centre stage.'