Teachers are among those protesting and striking in cities all over Italy today. COBASScuola - one of the Italian teachers' unions - will be demonstrating outside the ministry of education in Rome.

The strike and protests, which are being joined by many parts of the labour movement as well as the unemployed and precarious workers, are against the policies of the Renzi government. Like so many other governments across Europe, the Italian one is trying to make the most vulnerable, the young and public services pay for a crisis which is none of their making. People are particularly angry about the repeal of labour laws, which will make it easier for companies to fire workers and increase the casualisation of the workforce.

The protesters are also calling for an end to the planned 'reform' of the education system, which they say will turn schools into factories for the job market and destroy the public education system. Last month many of the 140,000 temporary teachers in Rome and school students took to the streets to protest the 'reforms',  which amongst other changes will introduce private sector funding into the school system, with individual schools competing against each other for private resources; increase school opening hours;  introduce performance related pay; and make students of technical subjects do unpaid apprenticeships.