meltdown.jpg  City Traders Italian teachers took part in a massive strike and demonstration this week calling amongst other things for more money for public services There follows a report from an Italian teacher trade unionist:

An absolutely extraordinary day!

An absolutely extraordinary day, the biggest strike ever organized by Cobas and grassroots Trade Unions (Cobas, Cub, Sdl) with a maximum peak of participation in schools, where, in the main cities, we had the 60%-70% strikers, with half of the schools closed. Very good results also in the public sector, transports and many private sectors. A massive demonstration in Rome, with 500.000 people marching for 4 hours an more, from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza San Giovanni, the historical place of trade-unionist gathering, now full of strikers. Wide presence of the school sector, with students from all school grades, teachers and all school workers, parents and simple citizens against the distruction of Public School , against the massive cuts of 200.000 work places in schools,against the cuts of schooltime, against the restoration of the anachronistic “maestra unica” ( only one teacher in primary schools ) against the infamy of the segregation of migrants in separate classrooms and against the restoration of the school of the '800: a school that discriminates, threaths and divides. The square was full of workers who believe unacceptable that after decades of triumphant liberalism our state admits it has no money and, at the same time, declares that is going to invest money in financing and defendings banks and fraudulent bankers. Let's invest this money- workers say- for raising the wages, for adequate pensions; let's invest it and cancel the plague of precarious work, giving stable work places; let's reestabilish the wage indexation system ; let's reinvest in Public School and in Public Health Service. This is the message of struggle and hope coming from the enormous demonstration in Rome. Starting from tomorrow we, Cobas, Cub, Sdl, will together restate this message through Italy.