Police attacking Community Demonstrators in Peru US and Canadian officials have suggested mining companies identify and remove 'anti-mining' teachers in Peru A cable revealed by Wikileaks shows that US and Canadian government representatives have been colluding with multinational mining corporations to bring about the removal of teachers who are perceived to be anti-mining. The cable says: “The Antamina executive recommended that the diplomats meet as a group with the education ministry to encourage a rotation of teachers – often members of the radical SUTEP teachers union and Patria Roja [a left wing political group] – in conflictive mining communities." The US and Canadian ambassadors asked them to identify such teachers. The development of copper mining was opposed by local comunities because it disrupts livelihoods, causes environmental degradation and pollutes the waterways and surrounding land. As a result the local communities have demonstrated against the mine to which the company reacted by sending in thugs to torture, shoot at and kill some of the demonstrators. These are the subject of a court action on behalf of the communities against Monterrico mining in the UK. Meanwhile teachers who are taking part of the struggle are removed from their posts. For more detail on this story go to: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/jan/31/wikileaks-bhp-billiton-peru-mining-communities