guinblog4.jpg Police Arrest A demonstrator in Guinea  Teachers in Guinea are preparing to join the entire trade union movement in that country in a strike over the political crisis The country is in turmoil since a military coup led by Captain Moussa Dadis Camara who was recently injured in an assassination attempt by the head of the presidential guard. Camara's failure to organise elections as he had proimised caused massive unrest and at a peaceful demonstration troops opened fire on protestors killing 157. Guinea is the leading source of bauxite, and has diamonds, iron ore, and is a hub for illegal narcotics in West Africa, making millions for foreign coprorations and criminals while 47% of the people live below the poverty line - a situation which has been exacerbated by the current crisis. As in many other countries in the world - teacher trade unionists are in the lead of the struggle for basic rights.