Great notice put up by students in an Ontario school, backing teachers' action against cuts

Teachers in the Montreal Province of Canada will be joining colleagues in health and other government services in a mass strike against cut backs. The action will take place on October 29th and will involve thousands of workers.

Teachers in the province are particularly angered by plans which will affect students with learning difficulties, who will no longer be counted when class sizes are calculated. Moreover class size limits are being raised. One special needs teacher, Jane Schipper said in an : 'When I think about how this will affect the kids, it makes me sick . . . Many autistic students can’t function in a large class. In a class of 30 students, 10 could be at risk and need extra help.' The hours of specialists working with children such as speech therapists are also being cut.

Teachers in the province have been involved in against the cuts over the last few weeks but this is the first time that their action will co-oncide with other public servants, concerned about the effects of cuts on vulnerable communities. Last weekend, teachers gathered in a central square in Quebec for a 'mark-in protest' - sitting and marking books to protest against the increased workload and to demonstrate to the public the hours which they put in outside the school day to provide education. 

Meanwhile negotiations are still continuing over the river in Ontario, where elementary school teachers have been taking action against similar cuts. There is an ongoing work to rule and rolling strikes this month are still on the table if no agreement is reached.