A mud school in Eastern Cape Teachers in Templeton school in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, are on strike as a result of intolerable conditions and non-payment of salariesOnly 12 teachers in a school of 626 have been paid in the last four months, with temporary teachers receiving no pay. The local authorities have called the strike illegal - even though they profess sympathy with the unpaid teachers. The strike is taking place against a background where the Zuma government is talking about making all teachers' strikes illegal in the country. The President of COSATU - the trade union centre in the country recently affirmed that the trade union movement would fight any such attempt 'to the bitter end.' With many pupils in the Eastern Cape still having to learn under trees or in mud buildings because there are no proper school buildings, the ability of teachers to fight for education - including with strikes where necessary - is as important in South Africa as anywhere else in the world.