The tireless fight of teachers in Mexico against damaging education 'reforms' being implemented by the right wing government of Pena Nieto, continued on Saturday, with thousands of teachers marching through the streets in Oaxaca, Guerrero, Jalisco and Hidalgo. There was also a demonstration in the capital Mexico City, where there is a tent city of teachers in one of the main squares.

Teachers, particularly those organised in the union CNTE, set up to oppose the undemocratic practices of the main union SNTE, have been mounting resistance on an unparalleled scale over the last years, including road blocks, occupations and the closing down of airports. They have done this in the face of police oppression, which reached its most extreme form with the abduction and disappearance of the 43 students teachers in Guerrero.

While the mainstream media frames the teachers' fight as one to protect their jobs and 'privileges', what the teachers are in fact fighting for is democratic education - one which is based on local communities and takes into account indigenous languages and culture. They are also fighting for the survival of public education against a relentless march towards privatisation and for the dignity of their profession, against moves to end tenure and other labour rights, moves which needless to say are encouraged by the World Bank.

Now a worrying in the US press quotes Mexican officials as saying that 'Peña Nieto’s administration wants to strike harder at the union by sapping its funding and wresting control back into the hands of the state.' In the context of the brutality of the Mexican state, this should worry teachers everywhere, who are inspired by the Mexican teachers' fight against corporate reform. TS will continue to follow and support their struggle.

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