The Education International, (EI) the international confederation of teachers unions, issued a guide to the World Bank's report on education, the World Development Report 2018 (WDR 2018). The guide contains valuable information rarely shared among teacher union activists about the dangers to educational globally the World Bank is pursuing.  A huge source of concern for education activists everywhere is WDR's focus on setting and measuring educational outcomes on data governments permit "public-private partnerships"  to collect - and mine.

The EI guide to WDR 2018 can be found here.

The other EI resource activists will find useful, perhaps even more than the guide itself, is the "reality check" provided by union leaders and researchers about how the World Bank's policies, reinscribed in the WDR 2018,  are playing out globally. The commentary highlights the "organized hypocrisy" of the World Bank and international finance organizations, which use rhetoric about advocating equity and ameliorating poverty, and yet push policies that put profits before children's well-being and blame teachers for the results of economic policies, often imposed against the will of unions and activists.

In a future blog we will discuss research and efforts by teachers unions in the global North to push back against the problems the EI reports bring to light.