Thousands of teachers, pupils and parents took to the streets in Bremerhaven, North Germany this week, to protest underfunding in the school system. In the spirit of the Mardi Gras carnival period, children came to the protest wearing red noses, and a huge puppet of the mayor was transported through the town on a float.

The protest was organised by the teaching union GEW, under the slogan: 'Good education is a human right.' Demands include, 170 more teachers, education instead of 'child-care', properly funded inclusion, 65 extra teaching posts to help refugee and migrant children and no privatisation. 

This is the latest highly creative protest organised by the Bremerhaven teachers, last week they took over the town hall and cut off the ties of some of the officials and in October they drove a digger to the town hall to demonstrate how much money was needed to adequately fund education. On this occasion, children read letters they had written to the mayor, and carried banners with slogans like: 'No Education, No taxes!'