bonnblog.jpg  Students Demonstrating in Bonn last week Strikes and demonstrations by school and university students took place in 70 German cities last week The students are campaigning amongst other things for the abolition of the socalled tri-partite system which splits most pupils at the age of ten into three different school types depending on their 'academic ability.' They also want to see the end of university fees, smaller classes and more teachers in schools and more student participation in schoold decision making. The students were also planning to simulate attacks on banks to draw attention to the fact that billions of euros are being paid out by the state to bail out the banks while education spending remains some of the lowest in the OECD and is likely to be further cut. Berlin technical students came up with the slogan: 'Organised resistance instead of individual conformity'. The strike has found support amongst trade unions, the green movement and anti-globalisation groups. The strike has been well-planned with students finding out details through email, faceboook and twitter sites.