Thousands of teachers in Italy took part in a general strike in Italy to protest among many other things against cuts in public spending Below is a statement from COBAS - one of the Italian teachers' unions. A big general strike took place today called by Cobas,Cub and SDL and also by CGIL. Millions of workers participated ,despite the fact that for many of them this was the second or third strike in less than two months, in a period of severe economic difficulty, oppressing all wage earners. Despite the bad weather conditions all around Italy, hundreds of thousands of workers were in the streets in the 20 demonstrations ( 12 were regional) organized by the rank and file anticapitalist trade unions. Together with them many high school and university students took part as well as the "people for public school" campaigning group, which has been engaged in continous struggles over the last few months in defence of education and public spending. Big demonstrations took place for example in Milan with 50 thousand participants , in Rome with 40 thousand , in Turin with 30 thousand and in Naples with 15 thousand people in the streets. Cobas Cub and Sdl were on strike and in the streets against the budget law, against cuts and privatization in schools and universities and calling for the repeal of law 113 and law 169 , and for more public spending to raise salaries and pensions. They were also calling for the introduction of a minimum wage for all and calling for an increase of spending in education, health and social services and against investing in helping banks, speculators and industrialists. In addition they were calling for the repeal of laws introducing casual jobs and for safety at work and calling for the defence of the right to strike and for the trade union rights. In all our demonstrations we expressed the complete solidarity of workers and students with the popular rebellion in Greece against the brutal homicide of Alexis Grigoropoulos and against the attempt, in Greece as in Italy, to make the poor, and all those who didn't cause the crisis, pay for it.  Piero Bernocchi   Confederazione COBAS Editor's note: I have made some minor changes to this text to make it more comprehensible to an English speaking reader.