lebblog21.jpg  Teachers Demonstrating in Lebanon Last Week Thousands of teachers went on strike in Lebanon last week in pursuit of their pay claim The organisers of the strike estimated that over 100,000 teachers took part from both schools and universities. The strike cut across political divides and was very successful according to leaders of the Teachers Syndicate. As many as a million pupils and students were affected by the strike. In addition 3,000 teachers took part in a sit in in front of the Lebanese parliament and handed in a petition. In September Lebanese teachers received a pay rise from 300,000LL ($200) to 500,000LL ($300) per month. However teachers said that this was quite inadequate to meet the increasing cost of living. Their leader asked how he could be expected to teach children while he was unable to feed his own children. Teachers' leaders had met with the education minister Bahia Hariri who promised to look into their demands but said she was also interested in assessing their performance, implying that some teachers were worthy of increased rewards while others were not. Transport unions were due to go on strike later in the week with similar demands.  If you would like to share any information about the teachers strike in Lebanon please email me: mailto:mary@teachersolidarity.com