g20-protests-and-security-015.jpg  Young People Protesting in the City of London Today Thousands of predominantly young people took their protests to the heart of the city of London today as the world leaders in the G20 prepared to meet nearby. Last Saturday teachers joined demonstrators in central London to demand that the G20 leaders 'Put People First.' Trade unionists from all over the country as well as NGO's and faith groups descended on central London. See this link for a film of the demo: http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=Y9j5ZchuUUg  Today protestors took their message to the heart of the City of London where many of the corporations who have been responsible for the crisis have their headquarters. As one leaflet given out to demonstrators on Saturday put it: 'The Square Mile is the dying heart of this business where fat cats gamble with people’s livelihoods, homes, communities and the environment, while awarding themselves fat bonuses and state bailouts'. The free market system which has been wreaking havoc in schools around the world as has so often been documented on this blog, is now struggling to come up with a solution for its continued existence. In doing so it is facing the fury of ordinary people in the 'developed' world whose livelihoods have been threatened or destroyed and especially of young people who see no future for the world or for themselves under the present system. Meanwhile in the developing world millions more are dying of disease and hunger as the crisis worsens and the Millenium Development Goal of Education for All by 2015 is more unattainable than ever.