Today, Education International is in the Education for Development taking place in Oslo and organised by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). In a tweet on the conference, EI refers to those present as the 'Who's Who of education'. Of course there are a few participants who deserve our respect like Malala Yousafzai. And no doubt there are many who are genuinely worried about the unfair distribution of education. However among the invited speakers are representatives from Telenor Group, Angry Birds Entertainment, Minecraft, Kahn Academy, Brookings Institution and the World Bank. And on the board of GPE is our old friend Pearson (Always Earning). 

Two people giving keynote addresses are superannuated prime ministers: Gordon Brown of the UK and Julia Gillard of Australia. Brown presided over the increasing privatisation of English schools, when he was in power. Gillard, who is the chair of GPE, has the role of low fee private schools in the global South. 

Today's conference is a follow up to the World Education Forum, with a similar line up of speakers, which took place in South Korea in May, even as the government of that country was its teachers union, the KTU. At that conference, President Park Guen-Hye, the very woman responsible for this undemocratic outrage, was the opening speaker. 

It is the opinion of TS that it is time to come down either on the side of democratic and critical public education or on the side of the corporate 'reformers' for whom education is a source of profit and a means of filling children with content determined by themselves.  By participating at events like today's in Oslo and last month's in South Korea, EI, and even regrettably great people like Malala, add a fig leaf of educational legitimacy to bodies which are at the heart of the movement for corporate reform and for-profit education.

For us, representatives of corporations and neoliberal politicians are no part in the 'who's who' of global education. The real who's who are the teachers of the world, their unions, critical education academics, students and their parents.