Police entering Lome University during Student Protests Teachers at church schools in Togo struck last week in pursuit of their pay claim The teachers are demanding equal treatment to those in the state sector and struck for one week. Meanwhile those in the state sector, who are members of the unions FESEN and UFESAT were also on strike for three days last week. According to Togo Online, the 'teachers' pay scale is from another era and needs upating.' In 2008, school fees were abolished in state schools in Togo - but as we reported on this site, no new funds were made available for education at the time and teachers were having to buy teaching materials out of their meagre salaries. And a few weeks ago, students were met with police brutality in the capital Lome, when they demonstrated against the removal of grants to many of their number. Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund is pushing Togo to privatise its banking sector and to 'reform' its phosphate sector - one of Togo's main exports. They also put pressure on the country last year to scrap its oil price subsidies.