Teachers in Togo will go on strike again this week on Thursday and Friday. This is the second time this term that Togo's teachers have been on strike in pursuit of a living wage. They are demanding allowances to supplement their meagre pay, for example for distance - sometimes those who live in rural areas for example, have to travel for up to four hours just to collect their salaries.

The secretary general of the teachers' union USET said, "Teachers are more determined than ever to pursue their demands, and if the government refuses we will use strong methods." 

Although Togo has rich mineral and agricultural resources, 59% of the population live in poverty, while corporations, with the help of the International Financial Institutions, reap massive profits. Meanwhile the IMF instructs the country to cut public spending and further privatise its assets.

Last April, when the teachers again struck for proper education funding and a living wage, two students, one only 12 years old, who were marching in solidarity with them, were killed by security forces. The video above shows students talking about the strike last April. One young boy at the end says, 'We are marching for the teachers. For some there are millions, for the teachers there is nothing.'

Such stories make nonsense of the claims by the giant corporation Pearson, the World Bank, the Gates Foundation and others that one of the keys to the lack of school attendance and educational graduation in the global South is smart data. Until teachers are paid a living wage and they and their students are given proper conditions in which to learn and work, there can be no solution of any sort. The passionate desire of the students to be educated as well as their solidarity with their teachers is clear in the video. But as long as the wealth of Togo is syphoned off by foreign corporations, helped by corrupt politicians, the World Bank and the IMF, these students are unlikely to be able to realise their dreams.