Teachers demonstrating last Week Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago have stayed away from school for three days in the last fortnight for a period of rest and reflection The teachers are deeply frustrated that their salary dispute has still not been resolved, despite the fact that as the Newsday puts it, they are "having to survive on 2008 salary-levels in this era of ever-rising costs." The comment piece goes on to say:  "It’s a tough vocation, to daily keep discipline and convey knowledge to four or five classes of up to 40 pupils day after day, and do more and more paperwork for the CSEC and CAPE Exams. Teaching remains one of the worst-paid professions for a university graduate. Many teachers said it was a tough decision to stay home, and possibly jeopardise their charges’ education, even as many also vowed to try to make up for the lost time by setting pupils extra work or even hoping to hold a Saturday class later in the month." Meanwhile the Employers Association in the country is threatening teachers with prosecution for staying away from school, because teachers are not allowed to take industrial action. President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA), Roustan Job, told Newsday: “We are on a quest for our teachers to get and who deserve proper salaries. We are negotiating with the Government and when we do negotiate, it is either around the table or on the streets. This is how trade unionism has survived throughout the years."