Teachers demonstration in Trinidad and Tobago Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago are taking action in pursuit of their long running salary claim Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago - members of the Tinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) - have been joined by other trade unionists in a mass demonstration protesting at the government's offer of a 5% pay increase. Workers from the banking, oilfield and general workers' union joined the teachers. The teachers have not had a wage rise since 2008 and their pay is not adequate to meet their needs under conditions where inflation is high. TTUTA President Roustan Job said, “Teachers deserve proper salaries. If teachers cannot receive quality salaries how can they deliver quality education. How can you teach when you are not comfortable physically, mentally, and financially.” TTUTA is calling on teachers and their supporters to come out in large numbers on Labour Day June 19th but they have asked politicians to stay away.