Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago are still fighting for salary justice Graduate teachers in Trinidad and Tobago earn little more than $1000 US a month - much less than comparable graduate professions. Their union the TTUTA has been negotiating for nearly three years for a fair increase with no solution in sight. Last Thursday there was a march through the capital Port of Spain by thousands of teachers, clad in red T shirts and their supporters from all over the country. The marchers - predominately women - sang songs outside the office of the Chief Personnel Officer - 'Her offer is so improper. it's like she wants us to suffer, she wants us to beg for food!' A primary school principal who was on the march told Newsday: “The way this wage negotiation is going, it shows that people do not respect and value the contribution teachers are making to society. They do not understand the impact teachers have on every individual. We are the ones that create every professional in society." Representatives from other unions including oilfield workers were present on the march to show their support. TTUTA President, Roustan Job, told the Trinidad Express: "I want when you all to go back to your schools talk to your teachers, let them know that 6,000 teachers were out here today. We are on high alert so if you have one red T-shirt, wash it quick because we don't know if we will be back out here on Tuesday but spread the word. If they can't hear they will feel."