tunisia.jpg  Young People demonstrating in Tunisia last Week The head of a Tunisian teachers' union has supported demonstrations by Tunisian students and unemployed people demanding the right to work Despite the fact that protest is violently repressed by the Tunisian government there have been demonstrations mainly of young unemployed graduates. One demonstrator was shot dead by police and some reports talk of other demonstrators fatally wounded. Last month a young unemployed graduate doused himself in petrol and set light to himself in despair at his inability to get a job - since then another young person has electrocuted himself for the same reason. The demonstrators are calling for jobs and an end to corruption. Meanwhile the President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has condemned the protests saying they will damage tourism in the country.  Sami Tahr - head of the union for high school teachers told the BBC: "We're gathered today in solidarity with the population of Sidi Bouzid and to salute the memories of the martyrs of repression who seek only their right to work."