Tunisian primary teachers are on strike today and tomorrow (17th and 18th September) in pursuit of a number of demands, including specific grants and the regularisation of teachers on temporary contracts. 

Tunisian teachers have been fighting consistently with the government for proper funding of education and a democratic curriculum. They were in the forefront of the events which led to the so-called Arab spring which spread over many parts of the Middle East and North Africa in the fight for democracy.

Only last June they were on strike with their colleagues in the secondary and higher education sectors. Elections in Tunisia at the end of last year, brought in an administration with many elements of the old dictatorship under the ousted Ben Ali, including the leader of the party, who was a minister under Ali. The government is committed to 'trying to curb state spending and reduce fiscal deficit as required by international lenders'. This translates into increased inflation as subsidies are reduced as well as worsening conditions in public services including schools.  Many classes in the country are over 70 and the infrastucture is crumbling.

The teachers are planning to rally tomorrow in front of the Ministry of Education as part of a Day of Rage in pursuit of their professional demands.