Tunisian teachers struck last week in the latest round of their dispute with the governmet over education 'reform'. Teachers say that the education minister is paving the way for privatisation and continually insulting the dignity of their profession.

In November, teachers staged a demonstration outside the education ministry along with parents and school students. The students themselves built a movement of strikes and street protests against the reforms, which mean that they have three exams every week, instead of the end of year exams which were customary. This is typical of the kind of ill thought out reform peddled by politician with no idea about education, in an attempt to assuage unease about an underfunded education system, characterised by teacher shortages, temporary contracts and oversized classes.

One student told reporters: 'My parents drop me off in the morning at 8 am and I go home at about 7pm each day. How do you expect me to study when I'm tired all the time? Because I go home late, it is impossible for me to revise in the evening at home!'