Teachers demonstrating in Tunisia last Year Primary teachers in Tunisia struck on May 16th demanding quality public education for all 85% of teachers took part in the strike and - if the government does not meet their demands there will be more strikes at the end of the month. The teachers are demanding amongst other things, improved pay and conditions of service and the participation of their unions in formulating education policy. Tunisian teachers were some of the first actors in the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa last year. What is worrying is that the World Bank is asserting its influence in the country - most recently in an intermidiate strategy document which recommends the improvement of education by 'promoting the participation of the private sector.' This is the same neo-liberal strategy which is being pursued throughout the world - bringing chaos and disaster to public education. The sacrifices made by teachers, students and so many others to create a new world in the place of despotic client states of the west are at risk if these international financial institutions are allowed to carry on with business as usual. The teachers of Tunisia are showing that they will continue to resist until quality public education is achieved for all in their country. They are supported in their struggle in a statement from the General Secretary of Education International, representing teachers all over the world.