Teachers in Tunisia are on strike against the austerity imposed on the country by the International Monetary Fund.  The General Federation of Secondary Education (FGESEC) decided to stop work at all high schools and colleges of Tunisia, and begin an indefinite strike starting on April 17.
In January 2018 the teachers refused to submit the exam grades to the administration and in February they again held a massive protest. In March, despite holding the largest mobilization yet, the government refused to negotiate with the educational workers’ union. The government’s refusal to engage in dialogue and listen to the workers demands led to the work stoppage and indefinite strike happening.

According to the analysis of a leader of the left opposition, Fathi Chamkhi, “So far, neither the 2011 revolution, nor the democratic elections of 2011 and 2014, nor even the thousands of actions and struggles carried out in recent years by employees, the unemployed and the disinherited, etc., have managed to free Tunisia from the claws of the dictatorship of international financial institutions and neo-colonialism.”

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