Public Sector Workers protesting the Arrests 15 women leaders in public service unions, including the education union Egitim Sen were arrested in police raids on February 13th Union offices and computers were also raided by police. According to an Education International report, 9 women leaders were still being held four days after the  raids - including three from Egitim Sen and six others are on bail. The women were involved in organising International Women's Day activities for the 8th March. The leader of the municipal workers' union, some of whose leaders have also been detained, appealed to trade unionists around the world for solidarity: “In this context, we have been experiencing a reign of terror in this country so we need you and your affiliates support and solidarity in order to forge public opinion at the international level and stand strong against this atrocity.” Education International is also appealing for solidarity and protest messages to be sent: Please send your message of PROTEST to: M. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Istanbul, Turkey Fax: +90 312 417 04 76, +90 312 419 20 71 E-mail: Mr Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey Fax: (312) 470 13 16 E-mail: Please send SOLIDARITY messages to: Egitim Sen: