Police using Teargas against Protestors in Ankara Teachers in Turkey struck on the 28th and 29th March against an education bill being introduced by the government The government claims that its so-called 4+4+4 bill will bring Turkish education up to 'OECD standards.' However teaching union Egitim Sen and their allies in the public sector union KESK are opposed to the bill since it excludes pre-school education, brings in vocational education after the first four years of schooling and gives the option for education 'at home' after 8 years of school. Union leaders say that the bill discriminates against girls, encourages child labour and exposes children to religious education at too young an age - after the first four years of schooling. The 4+4+4 bill was rushed through parliament with no opportunity for debate - forcing the opposition to hold a meeting outside the parliament. 85 trade unionists arriving for the demonstration in Ankara from other parts of Turkey were taken into custody by the police before eventually being allowed to join their colleagues. Buses were also held up by police.  In many parts of Turkey, protestors were stopped from going to Ankara, with some bus drivers even having their licences taken away. In Ankara itself, police atacked the demonstration with water cannon and pepper spray and blocked roads with tanks to prevent the demonstrators from marching.