egblog.jpg  Egitim Sen Members being Attacked by Police The following letter from Egitim Sen the Turkish Teachers union was received by Teachersolidarity today:

5th June 2009


Dear Colleagues,

Pressures on Egitim Sen increasingly continue. Today, the marching columns that formed of Egitim Sen members who departed from all over Turkey on 3rd June reached Ankara to demand obtaining the right to collective bargaining for public workers. Members of the union that have reached Ankara today declared their intention is to march to the building of Ministry of National Education. Policemen are using excessive violence against our members at the moment. Up to now, many members of the union have been beaten by the security forces, one of them is taken to the emergency service now, he is under operation at the hospital at the moment. Many members have also been reported to be wounded. Member of National Executive Board, Sayim Gultekin, who is the secretary of Financial Affairs was also beaten, he is taken to the hospital. Policemen have also used tear gases, and the city center which encircled by the security forces at the moment is transformed to a battlefield. Members of the Union , including National Executive Board have been staying there and conducting a sitting protest at the moment. The demonstration goes on.

We protest all repressive acts of the Turkish Government and security forces on public workers and their democratic, free unions. Egitim Sen who has been able to get rid of all pressures since it was established, will not give up struggling.

Yours Sincerely

Mehmet Bozgeyik

Secretary General

Egitim Sen