egitim-sen.jpg Egitim Sen Teachers Demonstrating  3o members of the Turkish Teachers' union  are under arrest after dawn raids this morning Egitim Sen - the teachers' union is calling for urgent messages of solidarity after 30 of its members were arrested this morning including the leader of their women's section. Police raided KESK - the public service union to which Egitim Sen is affiliated. Below is the text of the letter from Egitim Sen: Please send messages of solidarity urgently Ref No: 2009/600/1204Subject: URGENT/Egitim Sen and KESK members are under arrest  URGENT ACTION REQUESTEGITIM SEN AND KESK MEMBERS ARE UNDER ARREST Dear colleagues, Today early in the morning (28th May 2009, Thursday), Turkish policemen have launched an operation at KESK (Confederation of Public Employees’ Unions) headoffice in Ankara, the confederation that Egitim Sen is affiliated in Turkey. One member of Egitim Sen Executive Board is taken into custody by the policemen. Gulcin ?sbert, the Women Secretary of Egitim Sen is arrested by the police as well as the Women Secretary of KESK, Songul Morsümbül. The operations and searches continue at the moment. More than 30 members of Egitim Sen are also under arrest now. It includes the members of administrative boards of Egitim Sen local branches. Policemen started the operation in the local branches of KESK in Izmir, Istanbul, Van and Manisa too. Egitim Sen (Turkish Education and Science Workers’ Union) has historical roots dating back to the first decade of the 20th century. It has been always on the forefront of the democratization struggle in Turkey. The determined position adopted by Egitim Sen and KESK have always created offensive, anti-democratic pressures on our just struggle. The arrestments that took place today are a part of these offenses on us.  We condemn these unlawful attacks on our democratic struggle. We urgently demand our members and our members of executive boards to be released. The illegal operation at our head offices should be finished immediately. We ask Education International and our sister organizations to protest the antidemocratic operation taking place at the moment which is aiming at terrorizing us and our members. We will not give up on democratic union struggle. Please send your messages and letters to our following address and fax number: e-mail: message: +90 312 4390118 You may send the protest letters to the Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and the President of Turkey: Ministry of Justice (Mr. Sadullah Ergin) Fax Number: +90 312 4193370 President of Turkey (Abdullah Gül) Fax Number: +90 312 470 13 16e-mail: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Fax Number: +90 312 417 04 76 and +90312 419 20 71    Best regards