Below is a letter of solidarity from Egitim Sen the Turkish teachers' union with their colleagues in Greece who will be striking again tomorrow. Dear colleagues, On behalf of the 120.000 members of Egitim Sen (Turkish Education and Science Workers’ Union), I would like to express our solidarity to the strikes and struggles you are experiencing nowadays against the neoliberal Karamannis Government which aims to destruct the public education system in Greece. As far as the news we’ve received are concerned, the strike is the second general strike within two months is likely to close schools and universities throughout Greece. We’ve also learned that there will be a general strike all over Greece on 18th December.The strike coincides with mass protests particularly among students and youth sparked off by the fatal shooting by police of a fifteen year old boy Alexis Grigoropolous last weekend who was laid to rest two days ago at a funeral attended by over 6000 people. We also learned that more than 600 schools and 150 faculty buildings have been under occupy of the students which shows the intense of the struggle that Greek people have been carrying out against the police violence and against the violence of neoliberalism that favors the upper strata of the society and ignores the rights of millions.As we also experience same kind of attacks on the public education system in our country, we fully understand how important to defend the public education system. We wish you an urgent success in your just struggle against those attacks. Egitim Sen, a close ally of Greek education and science workers and their unions will always be with you and will do everything to support your struggle. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further ways of cooperation and support. With regards Mehmet BozgeyikSecretary GeneralEgitim Sen