Teachers in Uganda are continuing their determined stand for a living wage and proper funding for education. The strike, led by the teaching union UNATU, started on 16th September, despite intimidation and threats from the anti-union and oppressive government of Yoweri Museveni. 

In talks between the government and the union yesterday, the education minister cited the need to invest in energy development as one of the chief reasons for their being unable to pay the paltry 20% pay rise (on a salary of about $100 a month), which has long been promised. Oil is due to come on stream in the country in 2018. The typical pattern of mineral exploration in the global South is that multi national corporations pay minimum taxes on the vast profits they reap from countries, and even these are often underpaid, by the use of tax avoidance measures like registering profits in another country. (See details of this happening for example in Zambia with the corporation, Glencore.) 

Meanwhile the politicians continue to thrive. As the leader of UNATU, James Tweheyo said, “Is it (the failure to fund public education properly) because children of our legislators and the executive do not go to public schools? Is it an aspect of promoting private education where the majority of the proprietors are the same people in whom powers of determining the destiny of our future lies?"