Fighting Redundancies at another UK Academy Pupils in the Mediacity Academy in Salford, UK have staged a protest in support of sacked teachers 13 teachers have been made redundant at  the school which is part of the English academies programme - similar to US charter schools, where schools are taken over by private bodies and taken out of local democratic control. Mediacity Academy is part of a group of academies run by the Oasis Trust - a body which claims to be non- religious but whose founder - a priest called Stephen Chalke has said he wants to end up with 'achurch which is also a school  . . a school which is also a church.' 10 of the pupils, who held a protest outside the school have been suspended. One of the protesting pupils said: “It said in the paper that five teachers were being made redundant but then we found out that it was actually 13 and we weren’t happy with it – some of us tried to speak to the Head Teacher but he just wouldn’t listen to us. They always say that years 10 and 11 are dead important years for your GCSEs but the teachers that they’re getting rid of are the ones that teach them and they’re not being replaced.They are half way through teaching A levels, and we don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s just ridiculous.” As an excellent article in the Salford Star puts it: "According to the pupils, what happened last Tuesday at the Oasis Academy wasn’t just mindless trouble making – it was young people showing support for teachers and caring about their education which will be severely disrupted by the cuts." Meanwhile the National Union of Teachers (NUT) is holding a strike ballot in the school to fight the sackings. Teachers and pupils in Salford are typical of those all over the world fighting privatisation and cuts. To read the Salford Star article in full and to read more about the English academies programme and the fight against it go to: