josblog.JPG  Members out picketing on a cold, dark morning this week A group of members of the UK National Union of Teachers (NUT) are staging a series of strikes in solidarity with one of their colleagues whose pay has been cut Members at the Joseph Locke primary school are on strike as a result of a decision by the headteacher of the shool to renege on an agreement to ensure that no staff would lose pay. There have been numerous strikes in schools up and down the country - all as a direct result of the so-called social partnership agreement between some teaching unions and the New Labour Government which saw many thousands of teachers threatened with losing pay. Only the determination and solidarity of local members like those in Barnsley has stood between some teachers and a pay cut. Pete Bevis, the local executive member said: 'I  am very pleased to report that the strike action today, Tuesday 2nd December, taken at Joseph Locke Primary school was supported 100% by NUT members. Not only that but all members also attended /picketed all entrances to the  school site for over an hour on a bitterly cold morning with snow and ice to hand out leaflets to parents and other staff members explaining why they were taking strike action.The members present also included one who is heavily pregnant but insisted on showing support for her colleagues.  Their collective solidarity with their colleague who faces a substantial pay cut with the loss, without any replacement of her MA2, is a great example to us all. Parents were very supportive and some even said that they were unwilling to cross a picket.  'All members have asked that I make a particular request that the further day of  strike action planned for next Wednesday 10th December  be increased to two days by the addition of Thursday 11th December as another strike day.'