Many UK school students are planning to walk out tomorrow in protest against the government's education cuts The right wing coalition government is proposing measures including the trebling of university fees and the abolition of the small education maintenance allowance for 16 - 19 year olds which has enabled less well off young people to continue their education post 16. The cuts will have a devastating effect on many students and this combined with rising youth unemployment means that many young people are extremely angry. As reported on this site there were turbulent demonstrations two weeks ago when students stormed the headquarters of the governing conservative party. Now school students are planning their own action in co-ordination with students and lecturers. Social netwrking groups have been set up and thousands are expected to walk out of schools and join demonstrations.  As pointed out before it is ironic that many neo-liberal governments are trying to justify their savage cuts on services by saying they are for the sake of today's children - so that they will not have to cope with the countries' debts in the future. Young people all over the world are making it clear that they feel they have no future under the present circumstances and are prepared to fight to make sure they secure one for the sake of young people everywhere.