nus.jpg  A Demonstrator smashing into Conservative Party HQ Students and lecturers in the UK launched a demonstration against the right wing coalition government on Wednesday The coalition is making massive cuts in all areas of public spending and universities have been hard hit - with up to 80% of their teaching budgets being cut. Meanwhile students are being told they will have to make up the shortfall through a tripling of their fees to up to £9000 a year. A university education will once again be for the privileged and the wealthy who can afford to pay up front and out of the reach of the majority of young people who do not want to saddle themselves with a debt which will take 30 years to pay off. The anger of the students was manifest when they smashed their way into the ruling conservative party's offices and climbed on the roof. Many commentators are predicting that this will be the first of many actions against the neo-liberal government's cuts which as with so many other regimes around the world are trying to force the poor and  the vulnerable to pay for a crisis caused by the economic system and the banks. The students' actions are being replicated in many parts of the world. See for instance this link to students in Marburg, Germany: and this website: