The UK National Union of Teachers is joining with the National Union of Students for a strike in defence of sixth form colleges.. As part of the so-called austerity cuts imposed by the right wing UK government, 14% has been slashed from the budget of 16-19 colleges and a further 8% cut is planned. This has resulted in 70% of colleges increasing class sizes, teacher redundancies and courses disappearing in 80% of colleges.

The 16-19 sector is already semi-privatised and teachers are often in precarious jobs on temporary contracts. Now many colleges are threatened with closure or merger.

The NUT is working with the NUS to organise a mass protest in London on the 15th March, with buses going up from all over the country. In the opinion of this writer, such working together of students and teachers is a real step forward for the UK. It already happens in many other parts of the world. In the words of the well-known slogan: 'Teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions!'