bloguk.jpg  The UK National Union of Teachers – the largest teacher union in Europe is to ballot its members for an initial one day strike in April 

The NUT is to ballot its members after having an imposed settlement of 2.45%/ in response to it’s claim for 10%. Contrary to international labour law, teachers in the UK have no negotiating rights. Their salaries are imposed by a review body. The 2.45% increase will mean a third year of below inflation pay rises – the retail price index is currently running at over 4%. It is part of a three year pay deal which will see teachers’ pay being eroded for a further two years.


Steve Sinnott – General Secretary of the NUT said, “Teachers are the victims not the causes of inflation. The settlement is unfair on teachers.” The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that he intends to restrict all public sector pay increases to 2%. As a result many other workers in the public sector are dissatisfied. There was a 20,000 strong demonstration of police at the end of January and the civil service union and the university lecturers union are all expected to ballot for strike action in the near future.


The NUT which organises teachers in England and Wales will be balloting its members at the end of February for a one day strike on April 24th.