Teachers' Union Leaders with Pension Petition Teachers from across England and Wales are in London today to demand pension justice The UK government plans to make teachers work longer (to 68 for younger teachers), get lower pensions and pay more in contributions. Younger teachers stand to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds when they (eventually) reach pensionable age. This is all part of the UK government's single-minded deficit reduction strategy, designed to make public service and the poor pay for a crisis - much of which was the responsibility of the government's backers in the financial heart of London. Teachers from 7 different unions are taking part in  today's lobby of parliament which is happening during the school half-term holiday. Teachers' leaders will hand in a petition with over 150,000 signatures calling for the retraction of the government's raid on teachers' pensions. The next step will be the biggest strike seen in the UK since the general strike of 1926 when workers from all across the public sector will take action on November 30th to defend public services and in particular to defend public service pensions.