Members of the National Union of Teachers in England and Wales will be on strike this Thursday as part of their Stand Up for Education campaign. They will be striking alongside over a million other public sector workers including school staff like teaching assistants, cooks, cleaners and caretakers as well as local government workers, civil servants and firefighters. In all six of the largest unions in the country are taking part in the strike.

All the strikers are against the programme of cuts and privatisation being carried out by the right wing coalition government led by David Cameron. UK primary teachers are now working on average 60 hours a week, according to the government's own statistics. However far from being able to use this time to think creatively about their teaching and actually teach children, the majority of it is spent in pointless and punishing data collection. The Education Secretary Michael Gove is now bringing in performance related pay on a school by school basis, thus further cutting across the national pay and conditions which were the reason the NUT was built in the first place almost 150 years ago. Moreover he is rapidly breaking up the state education system and turning it over to unaccountable individuals, corporations, foundations or churches.

The July 10th strike will see huge rallies in towns and cities across England and Wales and will be the latest stage in the long fight back against the destructive policies of the Cameron government - one which is run by the rich and for the rich - the vast majority of cabinet members are millionaires. Teachers and their supporters will be wearing green as part of their campaign #beseeningreen to emphasise that the strike is not just about pay and pensions but that it is most importantly about rescuing public education for the benefit of all children and communities.

Send messages of solidarity by tweeting using the hashtag #J10 and #beseeningreen or mention @NUTonline or @TeacherROAR