ukblog.jpg NUT Members on Strike earlier this Year  Members of the UK's largest teachers' union the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are to be ballotted for further strike action in their campaign for fair pay Executive members voted unanimously today for a new ballot for action in pursuit of their pay campaign. A one day strike last April was widely supported with over 9,000 schools being affected. Teachers are angry that their pay is falling way below inflation. The 2.45% settlement which has been imposed on them compares to a 5% rate of general inflation with fuel and food prices rising much faster than that. Christine Blower, Acting General Secretary said that young teachers in particular were being affected with many being unable to afford to buy a place to live. The pay situation was having a knock on effect on recruitment with graduates choosing better paid and less stressful careers. Meanwhile those who have chosen to go into teaching are working ever longer hours in exchange for an effective pay cut.  She said: 'Teacher and other public sector worker unions cannot and will not stand by and see their members' incomes and standards of living cut.'