Teachers in Tamworth in England went on strike last week to protest about plans to turn one of their schools into a privately run academy. The strike was a united action by the two largest teachers' unions NUT and NAS/UWT and was supported by parents in the Hands Off Tamworth Schools campaign. The council is planning to shut one school and turn it into an academy and close down sixth form provision in four schools and hand it over to Landau Forte - which is related to the Forte Hotel Group. Parents and teachers fear that 70 teachers' jobs could go and do not want to see schools deprived of their sixth forms. Nor do they want to see sixth form provision taken out of local democratic control. A successful meeting was held addressed by speakers from NUT, NAS/UWT and HOTS. NUT General Secretary, Christine Blower said: “It couldn’t be made any clearer that neither parents, teachers nor the local community want the proposed changes. “The council’s plans must be challenged. Local authorities need to understand that returning schools to the local family of schools is the only sensible option which will benefit everyone in our communities.”