acadblog.jpg  Campaigning Against an Academy in Kent Last Year Teachers in some schools in London are going on strike next week to oppose plans to turn their schools into 'academies'. The teachers in Croydon and Newham are opposed to the plans because they turn the schools over to private individuals, businesses or charitable trusts which then have power not only over the pay and conditions of staff but also over the curriculum and the running of the schools. In one school is Newham the new 'sponsor' is ARK which is the charitable arm of a private equity firm. The City Academy programme has proved disastrous for many schools - one school in the North of England saw a walk out by pupils last week because of dissatisfaction with the way the school was being run - in this case the head was not a qualified teacher but had experience of management. The Anti Academies Alliance is a group fighting the development of the programme. Read more about it on