Teachers in the UK have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action against the ending of their pay and conditions which will result from the wholescale privatisation of their schools. The government has announced that all schools in England will be turned into so-called academies - which means the end of any local accountability, the end of national pay and conditions and the turning over of schools to the mercies of corporations, rich individuals, NGOs or corporate foundations.

Teachers meeting at the conference of the National Union of Teachers have voted for a day's strike in the summer term followed by discontinuous strike action in the following term if the proposals are not overturned. One delegate pointed out that frightened heads were already threatening to go for academy statue before they were pushed. She said: “We have to send a message to those heads: don’t jump ship now, because the NUT is going to fight. And that is why we have to strike before the summer, that is why we have to make sure our fight starts now."

Delegates are also considering a boycott of primary school testing. Speakers pointed out that the tests were highly inappropriate, forcing teachers to drill their students in a pointless trail through the most dry and unhelpful reaches of english grammar and punctuation. The government is even mandating when it is and is not correct to use an exclamation mark!

Meanwhile at the other major teachers union conference of the NASUWT, delegates laughed at UK education secretary, Nicky Morgan, as she demanded that they 'do their bit' to put a positive spin on the lives of teachers, under conditions where many are sinking under the weight of her 'reforms'. The message from teachers is that they are no longer prepared to put up with this oppression. Instead they are joining with parents and communities to fight back.  

(By the way that use would be incorrect according to the government because the sentence does not start with 'what' or 'how').