As thousands take to the streets today in London to protest against cuts, members of the National Union of Teachers are planning a further day's national strike action as they develop their Stand-up for Education campaign.

Like teachers all over the world, UK teachers are facing intolerable cuts to the service as well as pay and pension cuts. Morevoer they are subject to an intolerable workload which sees primary teachers working an average 60 hour week, according to the government's own figures. To make matters worse a large part of this time is spent in data collection and recording, with creatitvity in teaching systematically squeezed out to make way for an instrumental version of education geared to high stakes testing.

Meanwhile the Education Minister is taking more and more powers to himself. He not only dictates what should be on the English syllabus for example, based on his personal tastes - he has notoriously barred US literature from the GCSE exams - he is also increasingly in control of schools. The state system is being dismantled and replaced by a system of semi-privatised 'academies' and 'free schools' based on the US charter school and the failed Swedish free school models. Such schools are answerable only to him. As a result at the stroke of a pen he can change the rules of governance of a school as he has done recently when an islamophobic panic about schools in Birmingham,the UK's second largest city, was whipped up by the media.

As Hugh Muir put it an excellent article:

Where once there was autonomy, with trained professionals and committed volunteers pulling together to tailor their schools to the particular needs of their communities, now there is Michael Gove. Not so much the secretary of state for education. More the Caesar of the schooling system.

Teachers will strike on July 10th alongside teaching assistants. other education ancillary staff and public sector workers as part of their ongoing campaign.