bush.jpg  The last US President with the King of Saudi Arabia A group of some 200 unemployed teachers demonstrated outside the Saudi education ministry this week Dissent is rare in Saudi where all protest is forbidden and trade unions are illegal. One man has been in solitary confinement since 2007 simply for keeping a blog criticising the government. Yet this is the second protest in the last few months by unemployed teachers. Eventually the protest was dispersed by the authorities. Officially unemployment is at 10% in the country and 44% of the unemployed are graduates. A spokesman for the protesters told Reuters News Agency: “We are a group of teachers who have not found any jobs...We would like to protest for longer but the police keep dispersing us.There is a big chance that we will stage another protest. They promised us that they will announce jobs soon but if they don't then we will stage another protest.” More and more teachers are being laid off in state schools and find themselves forced to take jobs in private schools where their pay is four times lower. Despite its human rights record, Saudi Arabia is a major ally of the US and EU countries.