indblog.gif Teachers in Mumbai in an earlier protest about salaries 30 teaching and non-teaching staff in special schools in Nagpur in India have been on hunger strike demanding that their salaries be paid. The staff in Anjanabai Wasnik School for children with severe learning difficulties and those in the Raju Wasnik school for the hearing impaired have not been paid for eight months even though they are government aided schools. Teachers at the school are on hunger strike for their salaries to be paid up to February and for a written undertaking that they will be paid on a regular basis. In a separate development members of the Bangalore University College Teachers Association staged a protest at the end of March  against the non payment of their salaries. The staff have not received salaries since November 2007 because the institution where they work was awarded a grade lower than B by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. Association President K.G. Lokesh spoke of the desparation of his members and worried that they might start to commit suicide as many farmers do. Karnataka is the only state in India where salaries are linked to an institution's NAAC grades.